Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm 22!

Yes I'm 22 now. Holy cow I feel so old! I know some of you want to strangle me for saying that but this is the first birthday where I've actually felt like I'm getting older. It's like I woke up one day and went from the age of 16 to 22! I've lost 6 years of my life! Ahh! If I'm freaking out this bad now then I'm scared for my 30th birthday! But if you take away all the over-reacting about my age, I did have a really good birthday. First of all Logan was so great to me, he got me some nice new jeans and a cute shirt and took me to the Olive Garden. Sooooo yummy! He then bought me one of my favorite movies, Baby Mama. If you haven't seen it, you should, it is hilarious! Also, I have to say that my birthdays tend to go on for a while. This birthday went from Thursday to Sunday. What can I say? I just think birthdays are special and you should party hard! On Friday Logan and I were just bumming around, doing nothing until he said "I know what we can do tonight but it's a surprise and you'll have to close your eyes until we get there." I finally opened my eyes and we were in the bowling alley and then my whole family jumped out and yelled surprise! It was so funny! They had a table set up with pizza and cupcakes. I loved it! I felt like I was 8 years old again. The guy at the bowling alley even announced my birthday when I was up to bowl,, pretty embarrassing but I still loved it. It was also my dad's first time bowling ever and he won on his team. I was very proud. Oh and I forgot to mention my score of 125 which won 1st place on my team! I had no idea I could bowl that well. On Saturday I continued my birthday by going to see Bride Wars with Logan's mom and sister. It is a really funny movie! The last thing we did for my birthday was go eat at my parents on Sunday. My mom made orange chicken (LOVE) and then my grandma gave me a very cute betta fish! Logan and I pondered for a long time on what we were going to name him and we finally came up with the best name.....Fransisco! We love our new member of the family. Awwe... birthdays are so wonderful!

Friday, January 2, 2009