Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Here is a little tribute to some of the cutest little babies I know... Cohen & Haydn Harris. Hope you enjoy!

Happy Birthday Logan!

Logan turned 25 on March 4th. Holy cow he's old! :)
I, love birthdays so I tried to make this one as special as possible for him..
First of all, he did get a playstation for his b-day, I also got him some nice pants he's been needing and now he thinks he's such a hottie in them (it's true).
We celebrated first at Logan's parent's home (it was also Reed's birthday, Happy 19th Reed!), we ate cake and ice cream, partied, the usual...
On Wed. Logan and I went out to eat at Red Robin (one of our fav's). I also decorated our apartment for him and surprised him with a yummy Coco Bean cupcake, balloons, and the movie Patch Adams (he's gonna be a doctor so I thought it was appropriate).
On Fri. we went out with my family to go see a movie (Mall Cop) and have even MORE ice cream!
And on Sat., his last day of celebrating, he had a much needed X-BOX party.
I hope it was a fantabulous week Logan and Happy 25th! Love you!

OK, I guess it's time I'm due for another post...

What a crazy few weeks its been! First off, I had the Interior Design senior show in Feb.
It was fabulous....we all dressed up and admired all the work that us wonderful seniors have been doing these past four years. Even though I really didn't have much in the show (just a few projects), I was still really proud of myself. Four years is a lot of work and a LOT of CRYING! What a stressful major this has been, I never would have guessed. Going to college and taking classes can really make you forget why you went into that major in the first place, the senior show kind of reminded me why I did this. I LOVE interior design. It really is a passion of mine and I'm so glad that I stuck with it for this long. I also really loved sharing that moment with my family. I am so lucky to have people who love me so much come and support me.