Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our highlights over the past few weeks....

Easter egg hunting with Jay...

Getting hosed down by Logan (surprise attack)

Starting my own jewelry line

Babysitting our cute nephews for the weekend

New Hair!

2nd Year Anniversary! Yay!

Mothers Day

Taking pretty pictures on warm summer walks

And let's not forget...our newest addition to the family...Mia Rhea Coletti!

Monday, May 18, 2009

So Lame

So we haven't had internet for a little over 2 months.... SO LAME! That's why I haven't done anything with this dang blog.....SORRY!
Here's a little update.....Logan's in school---doing an A++ job, I'm at home---doing an F-- job! (JK, I just hate looking for jobs, but I LOVE being able to catch up on everything else!)
Fernando swims in his bowl all day and is getting really good at following my finger across the fish bowl.
Logan and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary!! Seems like we were married about two weeks ago instead! We went to see Star Trek that day.... LOVED IT!
Last but not least.....Many little spiders have decided that they want to move in with us......I don't want them to...
I know that isn't much of an update but thats what's goin on in our life! Until next time!