Friday, February 27, 2009

I found something out. Something that makes my face do this :(
Dave's album isn't coming out until June 2. How sad! June 2nd? That is sooooooooooooo far away! But despite all the sadness and gloom about his album, (which was finally named by the way, Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King ) I am so excited to say that he is coming to the USANA Amphitheatre on September 1st! I am sooooooooooo there.

Monday, February 16, 2009

"Love Day"

So the reason why I titled this entry "Love Day" is because I've heard tons of guys say that Valentines Day is just a dumb "Love Day". I think it's really funny that Valentines Day is pretty much just for the ladies. I do feel it is important however, to let your husband know that you LOVE them too so I usually get Logan something or do something for him like write a letter. This Valentines Day was a little different. We both didn't get each other anything. I really didn't care, all I wanted was a whole day to spend with Logan where we had fun and did whatever we wanted. Logan isn't one of those guys who doesn't understand why Valentines Day is important, thankfully. He came up with the idea that we were going to get Chinese food (what we ate on the night he proposed Feb. 14th 2007) and watch any movie that I wanted. I loved the idea, it's probably one of my most favorite things to do with him. We started off the day with a full-on scour of the apartment. Since I am at school all day its really hard for me to keep the apartment really tidy. Then we proceeded to go to Idaho Falls and just goof off. I had a coupon for Texas Roadhouse for a free appetizer but it expired on the 10th, we decided to see if they'd let us get one anyway. They did. We got a bloomin onion or an awesome blossim or whatever its called. I've never had one before so it was a first for me. Man that thing is extremely greasy and fattening! The rest of the night we ate our Chinese and chocolate dipped strawberries and watched "Ghost Town". It was a PERFECT day. SIMPLE, FUN, and RELAXING. I LOVE my husband!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Favorite Band

Who's excited for the new DAVE album comming out on April 14?!?! I AMMM!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Almost Done!

This semester has been crazy! I didn't think I would be working so hard during my last semester in school. Logan has been working really hard too. He basically studies every day from about 9-5 with his study partner, Jon. Here's the two of them hard at work.

So I've been really thinking about it and I only have two more months before I graduate! What am I going to do after that?! Holy cow, I have to look for a REAL JOB now. Right now I'm putting together my portfolio so I can start contacting people around here. I don't exactly care what my first job is right now especially since I might not be able to be picky. I love hospitality, health care, and commercial design! I really would love to get a job doing those. I do like residential quite a bit too but I see myself ending up in a bigger design or architectural firm. I also would love to start my own jewelry business. I haven't really been able to do much with that so far because of school but hopefully I'll be able to do more with it after I graduate. Who knows what is going to happen but for now I just have to worry about the question, where do I look and who needs an interior designer during the condition the economy is in right now?! This is going to be hard.